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Name Contact Info
Miriam E. Wood, Attorney at Law
4057, Golden Street
Miami, FL 33139
Phone: 305-674-6734

Areas of Practice: Employment Law (Employer), Mergers & Acquisitions, Insurance.
Vicki K. Spiva, Attorney at Law
1721, Everette Alley
Miami, FL 33147
Phone: 954-744-7298

Areas of Practice: Oil & Gas, Energy, Contracts.
David A. Dover, LLP
67, Poplar Lane
Miami, FL 33139
Phone: 305-535-5267

Areas of Practice: Business Organizations, Aviation, Government Contracts.
Suzanne I. Peters, L.L.C.
763, Steve Hunt Road
Miami, FL 33128
Phone: 305-789-3524

Areas of Practice: Aviation, Contracts, Admiralty & Maritime.
Enid R. Simmon, & Associates
2667, Golden Street
Miami, FL 33147
Phone: 305-696-3060

Areas of Practice: Agriculture, Energy, Business & Commercial Law.
Justin N. Trahan, L.L.C.
1245, Sycamore Fork Road
Miami, FL 33179
Phone: 954-246-0134

Areas of Practice: Administrative Law, Tax, Intellectual Property.
Jeanette P. Weddington, P.C.
3022, Agriculture Lane
Miami, FL 33176
Phone: 305-213-4445

Areas of Practice: Intellectual Property, Personal Injury Defense, Advertising.
Helga R. Ely, L.L.C.
385, Steve Hunt Road
Miami, FL 33169
Phone: 305-725-7511

Areas of Practice: Aviation, Tax Increment Financing, Business Organizations.
James N. Zanders, LLC
4078, Kenwood Place
Miami, FL 33132
Phone: 954-602-0027

Areas of Practice: Government Contracts, Antitrust, Communications & Media Law.
James L. Hartmann, LLC
4554, Marigold Lane
MIAMI, FL 33169
Phone: 305-396-7418

Areas of Practice: Tax, Oil & Gas, Government Contracts.
Sade E. Villani, L.L.C.
4469, Foley Street
Miami, FL 33132
Phone: 954-671-1364

Areas of Practice: Government Contracts, Securities, Collections.